Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here Goes...

Welcome to my recipe blog! By popular demand, I have started a recipe blog for all of my friends (and family if you like) to view and use as you like. Some of them are family recipes, some of them are from other people, and some of them are things I have found online. I will source them as I have found them.

Also, you can request different things if you like. I do have a habit of posting what I am making that day on Facebook, so if you want it posted on here, just comment my status and I will post it.

My first few posts will probably be holiday stuff because right now I am making my holiday candy treats. I will also post main dishes and other things as well, so dont worry. Some of my recipes will be low carb and sugar free because I am diabetic and so is my mom and mother in law, but any of the recipes with Splenda can be done with sugar instead. I just prefer Splenda so I can enjoy treats along with everyone else.

Happy Holidays, and Enjoy!

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