Friday, January 8, 2010

How am I doing? Any suggestions?

Hey everyone. I know I have mentioned this before, but I wanted to just mention it again really quick.

I have noticed I have quite a few different readers from different parts of this country, and a few from some other countries. I love that I am getting lots of readers and I also have some very loyal ones who check this once a day or once every other day! Thanks for your loyalty, it's great to know you like what you see!

I am getting some comments from friends sometimes, letting me know they are trying a particular recipe, or asking questions, or how it was when they did try one. That's really great and let's me know what things are being used and what are not so useful.

If you are using one of the recipes and you love it, or if you found it helpful when I did something like adding notes to the recipe or giving my point of view on different parts of it, or anything of the sort, let me know! I love hearing feedback and getting ideas. Also, feel free to give suggestions or requests for new recipes and I will try to find new ways to do things that you all like. Within reason, of course, I am not made of money being a wife of a college student.

I would love for this to be sort of interactive and made to fit what people like to make or cook. What things does your family like to eat, what are things you find easy? What recipes do you think you could never tackle, and therefore have never tried? What kinds of foods would you love to try sometime, but don't even know where to start?

Let me know!



  1. I think pictures would be helpful... =) Sometimes I decide if I want to make something by how it looks...Although I also know that taking pictures of food can be really hard. (you know, having to use glue for milk when you're taking a picture of cereal. he he) Anyhow, if you could add some pictures I would like it. But that is my only suggestion. =) Cute blog...I'm excited to try cooking something.

  2. I want doughnuts. my room mate and i made some from some recipe he had but they weren't to grand. So i think you should make some.

  3. ok, thanks for the feedback guys. Daniel I will work on that one and try to find you a good recipe. Jeff might find that a good idea too. Anne, I am already working on pictures, but its taking a bit. and I keep forgetting to take pics when I do actually make something. So hopefully I will get better at doing that and getting them up on the blog sooner.

  4. =) I also second the doughnut idea! I saw one once on a cooking show where they just used bisquit dough from the store, cut holes in the middle and then deep fried them. Then frosted them with glorious frosting goodness! =)