Thursday, April 1, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream, part 3

And Part 3 is Killer Chocolate...created by Jeff's dad, Steve.  Because Cathy is allergic to chocolate, everyone relies on Steve to make this amazing chocolate ice cream.  Really, Jeff specifically asked Steve to make this last year because he makes it better than anyone else, even if they follow the recipe to the tee.  But I am sure you all will do great and make it fantastically.  It starts with an almost chocolate pudding/custard base and then you mix the cooled custard with milk and then churn it in an ice cream maker.   So good.  Jeff's family likes to add walnuts, marshmallows and chocolate chips when it comes right out and then freeze it solid after...homemade rocky road.

12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips
4 c milk
2 c sugar
4 tbsp cornstarch

Stir together with whisk over low heat, not going over medium heat.  Stir constantly til smooth. 

Beat 4 eggs well in a separate bowl, then temper by adding some of the chocolate mixture to the eggs and beating well with whisk...once the eggs are brought to temperature, add the eggs completely to the chocolate mixture and cook the whole thing til it is like a thick custard or pudding.  Cool overnight in fridge, then in the morning, add

2 tsp vanilla
4 c heavy whipping cream or half and half

Churn in ice cream maker, and once frozen in there, add your nuts and marshmallows if you like (I just like it plain, but Jeff likes it rocky road)  then freeze it again for at least an hour or two.

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