Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hubby is a Tech Geek

This is Jeff, I post on this from time to time for example I did the eggrolls bit a while back.  Anyway mostly I'm here for tech support.

So added to the site is a paypal donate button, not so much because I expect money mostly because I'm taking advantage of having a lab to work in.  But if you send me money awesome.  Or if you want to help out you can visit our sponsors.  See by the miracle of Google I can type a word like "GPS" and then the advertiser robots on my blog will try to sell you a GPS and if click on the GPS links you can go see their products and Google gives me money because of my superior street cred.  For my wifes blog however it's more likely to sell you fancy sausages and cheeses.  Though I'm not sure why you would buy that online.  Or it might try to sell you Pampered Cheif, and if it does go visit those people because they have awesome stuff that would make Alton Brown jealous.

Also here's a button.  That is over in the right column.  If you like the blog and would like to help us with our street cred (although we can't pay you for it like Google you just have to like us) then you can have the little decal just by copying the HTML code in the box below and putting it on your website.  You don't even need to know HTML isn't that great.  So here it is and if you miss this blog post it will always be in the right column->

To link to us copy the HTML code in the box

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