Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Salad Series

Okay my fellow bloggers, friends, and readers.  I have decided to take on a new project here on Recipes to Live By.  This time I plan to keep it going at least for the rest of the summer (the next 7-8 weeks).  Here's what I plan to do:

Last week after cooking for 30 people and having all of them come over for lunch after our son's blessing at church, we decided it is too dang hot to cook every night of this summer.  We have also decided that the two of us (the hubby and I--baby actually is on the small side and still needs to gain but all he eats is formula these days...) could stand to lose a few pounds.  Pregnancy, premature delivery, eating out during the NICU days, etc has kind of gotten us off the bandwagon of eating very healthily and we think it's time to pick ourselves back up and get going again.  Hopefully this will also help me get my blood sugar back into gear, too.  Low carb, high vegetable and fiber, and protein is the goal here. (not Atkins, mind you, just carb conscious, and using "smart carbs")

Thus was born the idea of eating salad for dinner about 4 times a week.  We're going to be trying all kinds of salads and dressings and combinations of ingredients.  I am going to try hard to stay away from the potato salads and those summer picnic salads (if you know what I mean) just because they aren't my fave and they don't really meet the goal of this project.  I will be trying to do different flavors and definitely be using fresh ingredients.  We'll probably be "visiting" all different places on this adventure: Greece, Italy, Mexico, Asia, etc.

I hope you'll follow me on this journey, and even give suggestions or comments on the way. More than that, I hope you feel inspired to try some of them too!   Here we go!

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